MaxiPack kraft tray 180x120x57 mm with transparent lid
Kraft trays for Fruits and Vegetables
Vision+ trays
Soup pots
Wooden trays
Vision+ hot basket 850 ml
Vision+ trays
Premium pastry box “My Pastry”
Pastry boxes

Wooden cooking

More ecological boxes with baking paper to prepare your takeaway meals

For your pies and appetizers

Nordia Products


Traditional plastic

Fresh Box
Cold use

Micro Box
Hot Use

Presti Box
For your salads

Thermo Box
Sealable with a machine

Sugar cane pulp

Other containers

Kraft trays
Flared brown kraft trays for fries, fruits and vegetables, etc.

Anti-Waste Baskets
Baskets to limit the waste of your fruits and vegetables

Kraft trays for Fruits and Vegetables
Specifically suited for fruits and vegetables with an optional transparent lid