SVJ 420 vacuum machine
Vacuum machines
OP140 sealer
Tray sealers
TS200 paper welder
Paper welders
Ecological degreaser
Quick&Easy range
LAVAMANI sensation ecological hand washing lotion in 500ml bottle
Ecological washing lotion

Professional equipment

Vacuum bag machines
For vacuuming under a hood or outside, professional quality to last over time

Tray sealers
To seal your trays, a range of transportable sealers

Thermal paper sealers
For packing in hermetically sealed paper

Displays & Dispensers
Enough to facilitate the use of your packaging or make it self-service

Coin Purse

Green Care

General hygiene

Sponges & cloths
Help you keep your workspace clean

Range of professional quality smooth or embossed hand towels

Maintenance products
General products for the maintenance of floors, surfaces and dishes

Disposable gloves

Durable and waterproof, these gloves offer very good skin tolerance

These gloves provide comfort and dexterity

These gloves offer comfort and very good skin tolerance