Smooth kraft bag 25+12x31 cm Maman Géniale
Kraft bags with decorations
Crystal window bag
Roast chicken bag 18+7x35 cm
Chicken bags
Biodegradable strappy
Mon Traiteur shopping bag 43+30x36 cm
Reusable shopping bags
Salad bag

Paper bags

Bags with flat handles
For your takeaway sales, clothing, etc.

Twisted handle bags with decorations
Fancy bags to accompany your brand image

SOS flat bottom bags Bags
with good volume

Bags for Vegetables & Groceries
Everything for fruits, vegetables, dried fruits…

Roast chicken bags
For your juice-keeping and heat-resistant bag needs

StandUp airtight bags
The ideal bag for products that need to be sealed airtight

Bags and boxes for bottles
Bags with and without window for your bottles, as well as boxes

Shoulder bags

Sachets made from biodegradable material

Plastic-based bags designed to be reused

Rectangular bags

Bags made from biodegradable material for your shrimp, olives, etc.

50µ plastic-based bags

20µ plastic-based bags

Bakery & Snacks


Breads & Sandwiches
Sandwiches with and without window

Cotton bags

Reusable bags

Reusable nets
Cotton or rPET nets to reduce single-use packaging

Fabric shopping bags
Solid shopping bags made from cotton or jute. Also available in isothermal

Plastic shopping bags
Solid and colored shopping bags by profession

Other bags

Vacuum packed
Embossed and non-embossed according to your needs

Trash cans

Ready-to-sell box of 15 packs of 3 organic cotton nets
Reusable nets in box ready to sell